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Iford and Kingston CE Primary School

PE Funding for Schools



All primary schools have received additional sports funding to develop sport and PE.  Iford and Kingston CE Primary School received £8,885 for the year 2015-2016 and will receive £8, 905 for the year 2016-2017.

The school has decided to spend this in a variety of different ways.  Money has been spent on providing new equipment and replenishing stocks of existing equipment so that the school continues to be extremely well provided for in sport and PE; the school buys in specialist PE teaching staff so that all children are taught by a specialist PE teacher working alongside their class teacher over the course of the year; the school, along with other schools in the Lewes area, contributes to the funding of a specialist PE teacher for two days a week who organises leagues and tournaments between schools, provides coaching for children who are gifted and talented in PE and offers training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to staff at the schools; training has been organised for two members of staff on the teaching of swimming so that all members of staff who teach swimming have a recognised swimming qualification; additionally, all teaching staff have received training in how to teach gymnastics; all  staff have received training in Write Dance, a programme used by the school to develop handwriting, that also develops physical skills including, balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina.

Through the variety of activities the school has organised with the PE funding we aim to accomplish a number of different aims.  The school has worked hard over a number of years to develop its PE resources and it is valuable to be able to keep the variety and quantity of resources at a high standard.  Having coaching from specialist teachers gives children the opportunity to practise and develop skills in a high quality learning environment as well as offering valuable training opportunities to our class teachers and support staff.  The opportunity to take part in organised leagues and tournaments offers children a valuable opportunity to play sport in a different environment.   The specialist PE teacher employed by the Lewes schools not only organises a wide variety of events but has offered training to teachers at Iford and Kingston School as part of their CPD.  The money has also been used to provide training so that all staff who lead, or take part in, the teaching of swimming have a recognised qualification.  Other CPD has ensured that all staff have current training in areas that frequently occur in the curriculum or in areas that have been more recently introduced. 

Extra-curricular provision at the school is also popular with a football and netball club, and a multi-sports club for younger children. Additionally, there is a Forest School Club which operates twice a week and involves children being active and outside in all weather.

Around 40% of children are involved in clubs outside of school hours and many of these have been directed to out of school hours activity through involvement in PE or extra-curricular activities organised by the school.

In 2016/2017 we intend to add to our pupils' experiences by spending less of the money on specialist teachers for curriculum PE lessons and buying in external providers to offer dance workshops and other specific activities for pupils across the school.  These have included a squash coach for Y4 pupils and planned activities in hockey and rugby in conjunction with local sports clubs.  This provides a pathway to local clubs offering coaching to childrne who enjoy one of the specific opportunities provided.

The provisional budget for the financial year 2016/2017 is as follows:-

Specialist PE teaching                                     £ 4, 220.00

Lewes Schools PE                                           £ 1, 092.00

PE Equipment

(including outdoor

education equipment)                                    £1, 345.00

External providers                                         £ 2, 248.00

                                                                     £ 8, 905.00