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Thank you for visiting the Iford and Kingston Church of England Primary School website.


At Iford and Kingston Church of England Primary School we are committed to offering a high quality grounding in the core skills of numeracy and literacy, alongside a much broader variety of activities and experiences.  Children have strengths in many different areas and learn in many different ways and we are keen to ensure that each child fulfils their individual potential. 


We believe in offering a caring environment, where every member of the school community feels valued and can develop to the very best of their ability.  This means that children learn not only to expect a high quality learning experience but also to behave in ways that ensure they themselves contribute to their own experience and to that of others.  Mutual respect and the ability to work collaboratively are key to everything that we do.


We hope that the website will give you the information that you need but we are always pleased to answer any questions that parents, or prospective parents may have so please contact us for further information.

Message from the head teacher