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Absences During Term Time

In 2017-2018, the Lewes schools collectively agreed our Attendance Policy and produced a form for requesting absences during term time.  Whilst all absences are considered, the guidelines from East Sussex County Council offer very little freedom in terms of what constitutes exceptional circumstances.  Taking holidays in term time because they are cheaper, or because they fit in with a wider family arrangement (weddings, birthdays, a sibling’s school holidays and so on) are not considered to be exceptional circumstances.  Whatever the circumstances, the school cannot authorise an absence of 5 days or longer.  Where a holiday of 5 days or longer is taken within term time, the school refers the case to ESBAS (education Support Behaviour and Attendance Service) who may decide to issue a fine.

Regardless of the reason for absence, you must first seek permission from the headteacher by completing the Withdrawal from Learning Application form.

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