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Week Beginning Monday 1st March 2021


This will be our final week of remote learning. I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back into the classroom next week. Meanwhile, we can continue to complete some excellent work, just as you have been over the previous few weeks.


Below, I have uploaded our weekly timetable for Teams along with your weekly spellings. As usual, your work each day will be uploaded within the correct day’s star. Please contact me with any questions.


Teams Timetable:

Monday: Topic 2pm

Tuesday: Maths Games 10am

Wednesday: English 10am

Thursday: RE 11:15am

Friday: Spelling 10am

           Reward Times 2:15pm



This week our spellings will be focusing on ‘ie’ words. As usual please spend at least 15 minutes each day practicing your spellings. We will meet on Friday at 10am for our spelling test.

  • Belief
  • Piece
  • Review
  • Friend
  • Obedient
  • Relief
  • Priest
  • Pier
  • Pierce
  • Patient

Week Beginning Monday 22nd February 2021


Welcome back Beech Class!


I hope you all had a lovely half term and managed to get up to some exciting things! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures later on Teams.


We are hoping to find out a little more about what is going to be happening this term later and when you will be coming back into the classroom. But for now, we know we are going to be continuing our remote learning for at least a couple more weeks so please keep checking the website for your learning and regular updates. We may begin to use Teams assignments a little more this term but I will let you know if I set you any work on Teams. Below is your weekly timetable for our live lessons on Teams.


Despite the uncertainty at the moment, we have got lots of exciting learning to complete this term and I hope you are going to all enjoy exploring our new topic.


Please remember that alongside your daily lessons you should be spending time on your spellings, times tables and also reading every day. I would love to hear about some books you have been reading over half term!


Miss Macro


Amended Teams Timetable:

Monday: Topic 2pm

Tuesday: Maths games 10am

Wednesday: English 10am

Thursday: RE: 11:15am

Friday: Spelling 10am

             English 11:15am

             Reward time 2:15pm



Your weekly spellings this week are focusing on ‘ei’ words. Like usual we will check our spellings on Friday, so make sure you spend 15 minutes each day practicing them.

  • Ceiling
  • Vein
  • Receive
  • Rein
  • Deceit
  • Neighbour
  • Eight
  • Weigh
  • Freight

Week beginning Monday 8th February 2021


This week is our final week of the term and I want to again praise you on how well you have adapted and engaged with our remote learning. Looking through our various galleries, you can see how much effort you have all put in to your learning and the amazing results that have come out of this!


As a class treat for you amazing work this term, we will be having a non-uniform day on Monday 8th February. Your task is to be as vibrant as possible, through our hair and your clothing. Try to wear as many different colours as you can! It will be great to see what you come up with on Teams at 11:15am.


Our final week of term will follow a slightly different schedule for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we will be completing some group work to link our English and topic learning this week. To allow for this I have scheduled various Teams meetings each day so that you will have a chance to discuss your work before allocating different tasks for you to complete before your next meeting. There is also some exciting learning available through the Jorvik Viking Centre. They are producing live and pre-recorded sessions for their ‘schools week’. Each day I will set you a video to watch, but feel free to explore yourselves as well! The link is available below.




Times Tables:

Please take time this week to practice all of your times tables up to 12x12. Try to practice for 15 minutes each day. As well as Times Table Rock Stars, you may want to explore new ways of practicing your tables as well. Knowing our times tables is really going to help us with our fractions learning, so keep up the practice!


Teams Schedule:

Monday: Topic - 11:15am

              Group 1 - 1:30pm

              Group 2 - 2:00pm

              Group 3 - 2:30pm

Tuesday: Maths games - 9:30am

               Group 2 - 11:00am

               Group 3 - 11:30am

               Group 1 – 12:00pm

Wednesday: Group 3 9:30am

                   Group 1 11:15am

                   Group 2 11:45am

Thursday: Topic, speeches 11:15am

Friday: Spellings 9:30am

            Topic 11:15am

            Reward time 2:15pm



This week we will be revising some spellings from before Christmas. It is important to revisit these to make sure we don’t forget them! As usual we will have our virtual spelling test on Teams at the slightly earlier time of 9:30am on Friday, so make sure you spend time each day practicing your spellings.

  • Enough
  • Brought
  • Desperate
  • Allowed
  • Heard
  • Incredible
  • Sensible
  • Horrible
  • Enjoyable
  • Island
  • Lightning
  • Autumn

Week Beginning Monday 1st February 2021


I hope you all had a lovely weekend, even without the snow we were hoping for! We are now beginning week 5 of this term which has gone extraordinarily quickly I think. This week we will meet on Teams each day as usual, the schedule is posted below. Please try your best to attend all sessions and if you are unable to join us make sure you are completing the work set on the website.


I have been uploading lots of your work into the various galleries on our class page, so if you haven’t had a look through yet, please make sure you find some time to explore each other’s learning and creations.


Teams sessions:

Monday: Topic 2:00pm

Tuesday: Maths games 10:00am

Wednesday: English lesson 10:00am

Thursday: English lesson 10:00am

Friday: Spelling 10:00am

            Reward time 2:15pm



This week we will be continuing to focus on homophones. Please remember to practice your spellings in full sentences as well as independently to ensure you are clear of the meaning.

  • There
  • Their
  • Would
  • Wood
  • Which
  • Witch
  • Stair
  • Stare
  • Court
  • Caught

Times tables:

Please try to practice your times tables for at least 15 minutes each day. Try to focus on your 4s and 8s this week. See if you can notice any patterns between these tables.

Children's Mental Health Week

1-7 February 2021

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. At the moment it is really important to take care of ourselves and our wellbeing as best we can. So each day this week I will upload a different activity for you to complete focused on our wellbeing. There is no need for you to send these in to me, but please remember that we are here if you feel you want to talk to someone. Below I have uploaded a wellbeing Bingo, see how many of the boxes you can cross off over the week. This is a great way to make sure you are taking time to take care of yourself.

Tuesday: A jar full of smiles

Create a jar of smiles. Find an old jar that you no longer need and transform it into a jar full of happy and inspirational quotes. Spend some time each day thinking of positive things that you have done, seen, heard or experienced. Fill your jar with happy moments and quotes to inspire you to think positively during these tricky times. Add to your jar each day and then when you feel you need to remind yourself of some positive times, take a quote out and read it. It will remind you of this time and it will bring a smile to your face :)


Draw a strengths ‘family tree’

You may want to draw your family, a group of your friends or you class, it’s up to you. Think about each person’s character strengths and consider how you can work together to overcome challenges. List these character strengths on your drawing and spend some time thinking about how strong each of us are as individuals and how strong we are together.


It is really important to take time to care for ourselves and others at the moment. Make an A-Z list of things you can do each day to take care of yourself. These could be simple everyday tasks you do without thinking like brushing your teeth or something that will require a little more time, like going outside. Once you have this list, you can try to complete as many of these small tasks each day.  

Friday: A doodle a day

Doodling is relaxing and I know lots of you love to doodle. So I would like you to create a doodle a day. Try to come up with some creative doodles. You may want to create a little book for your doodles that you can add to each day. Take time to relax and enjoy your doodles!

Week Beginning 25th January 2021


We are now beginning our fourth week of remote learning. I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone so far but I must say how proud I am of you all adapting to our new way of learning so well! I look forward to our Teams lessons each day and am really pleased with your engagement so far. Below is the weekly schedule for our Teams sessions this week.

Weekly timetable:

Monday: English, sharing your legends 10:00am

Tuesday: Maths games 10:00am

Wednesday: English lesson 10:00am

Thursday: English games 10:00am

Friday: Spelling 10:00am

            Reward time 2:15pm



Your spellings this week will focus on homophones. Using these words in sentences will particularly help you with learning the correct spelling of each homophone.

  • steel
  • steal
  • alter
  • altar
  • led
  • lead
  • assent
  • ascent
  • bridal
  • bridle


Times Tables:

Please use Times Tables Rock Stars to practice your times tables each day, for at least 15 minutes. This week I would like you to particularly focus on your 6 and 7 times tables along with all other times tables up to 12x12.

Week Beginning 18th January 2021

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed not to get too wet on Saturday!


We are entering our third week of online learning today and I think we can all agree we are getting a little more used to it every day. This week will follow a similar routine to last week, with maths and English learning uploaded each day along with either: topic, computing, French or PE. So far you have done an excellent job in engaging with the remote learning, so let’s keep it up! Those of you that sent me your writing, thank you very much, you should have received some feedback from me now. If you didn’t manage to send me your second paragraph, please can you do so. It would be lovely to see what you have been up to! Please feel free to contact me with any questions at as usual and let’s have another productive and successful week!


Weekly timetable for Teams:

I will try to keep a similar schedule of sessions each week which I will upload at the beginning of each week. These are listed below:

Monday: Topic at 2:00pm

Tuesday: Maths game at 10:00am

               English sharing (optional) at 11:30am

Wednesday: English at 10:00am

Thursday: Computing at 11:30am

Friday: Spelling at 10:00am

            Reward time at 2:15pm



This week we will be focusing on our tricky words again. I have listed your weekly spellings below, so please learn them as on Friday we will have another virtual spelling test at 10:00am!

  • Relevant
  • Interrupt
  • Exaggerate
  • Amateur
  • Programme
  • Curiosity
  • Secretary
  • Rhythm
  • Accompany
  • Achieve


Times Tables:

This week I would like you to focus on your 3 and 4 times tables. Try to practice on Times Table Rock Stars for 15 minutes each day so we can get the fluency with our times tables to help us in our other maths.

Monday 11th January 2021


I hope you all had a restful weekend and managed to get out and explore a little in this chilly weather!


This week we will try and have a Teams session everyday where we will either go through some learning you have already completed or have a lesson together. We are making progress with using Teams and our remote learning, but I am sure there are still improvements to be made so if you have any feedback please let me know so I can do my best to develop this. The timetable for Teams this week will be:

Monday at 2:00pm - Topic

Tuesday at 10:00am – English sharing

                  12:00pm – Maths answers

Wednesday at 10:00am - English

Thursday at 11:30am - Computing

Friday at 10:00am - Spelling

               2:15pm - Reward time



Your spellings this week will be focusing on the suffixes ‘-ibly’ and ‘-ably’. I have listed them below. Again, try and come up with some creative ways to practice these as on Friday morning at 10:00am we will have a little spelling test on Teams for this week and last week’s spellings.

  • Horribly
  • Incredibly
  • Possibly
  • Sensibly
  • Reliably
  • Respectably
  • Agreeably
  • Enviably
  • Adorably
  • Terribly


Times Tables:

This week our main focus will be on our 12 times tables, so please spend extra time practicing these at home. Remember to use times table rock stars every day to practice all of your times tables. I am still trying to think of a way that we can practice our times tables together. This is always a fun part of our day where you challenge yourselves and each other, but for now keep practicing at home trying to reach Rock Star status!


Good morning Beech Class and Parents,

I know some of you will not have lined or squared paper available at home, so we have made some exercise books available for you to collect from reception. There will be a box filled with either lined or squared books that you can come and collect if you wish. They will also help you to keep all of your learning together! I hope this will help you to engage in some of your remote learning. 

Thank you, 

Miss Macro

Week Beginning 5th January 2021


Yesterday, you were all sent a log in for your children to access Microsoft Teams. If you have not yet received this, please let me know via email so I can get this sent to you as quickly as possible. As Teams is new to both you and myself I want to make sure you can all access it. So, once you have managed to log into Teams today, please post a comment under the first message so I know you have accessed the team.  



Please make sure you read for at least half an hour each day. It would be great to read some reviews or recommendations of great books you have been reading over the holidays, so please email them to me.



This week we are focusing on learning some more tricky words. Remember to use a dictionary to look up the meaning of each word and find some creative ways of learning these spellings.

  • Individual
  • Environment
  • Equip
  • Existence
  • Vehicle
  • Explanation
  • Develop
  • Disastrous
  • Hindrance
  • System


Times Tables

This week we will be concentrating on our 11 times tables. So spend some extra time practicing these on Times Table Rock Stars alongside all your other times tables up to 12x12. Challenge yourself and each other and let’s see how many Rock Stars we can have this week!

Happy New Year Beech Class!


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break despite the unusual circumstances. We hope you are all well and ready to start engaging in our exciting learning.


This is not the welcome back we were expecting but we will still be able to complete lots of exciting learning this term. Our new topic is all about ‘Raiders and Invaders’ in Britain. We will be learning what life was like for Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, whilst exploring what we know about their time here in Britain.


Each day I will be uploading work for you to complete. There will be a daily maths lesson using the White Rose resources and a daily English lesson. I will upload all the resources you will need onto the school website under each day of the week. There will also be some topic activities that you will be able to choose.


I will also be uploading our weekly spellings. Try to come up with some creative and imaginative ways of learning these at home.


This grey and cold weather is the perfect time to spend reading, so I would like you to keep up your quiet reading each day. Once you finish a great book, write up a short review that you can share with the rest of the class. This way we can keep recommending exciting new books with each other, particularly ones you may have received from Father Christmas!


Remember to keep practicing on Times Table Rock Stars. Each week, I will give you a times table to focus on but if you want to practice more, please feel free and let the rock songs play! If you are unsure of your log in details please contact me and I can send it to you.


We would love to see the learning you are getting up to at home so please email in pictures of your work for feedback and just for praise.

Remember to copy in your parents so they can also see what you have achieved. We will also upload these each week to the gallery so you can see what everyone else has created!


Hopefully we will all be back together again soon, but for now let’s help each other to stay safe and healthy.

Miss Macro and Mrs Cranton

Beech Class,


This term I have created a homework grid where you can choose your learning activities each week. I hope that you will find some activities that suit your learning style and will allow you to deepen your learning of our topic. Each week, you can email me what you have completed and I can share some of your excellent learning with everyone else. Some weeks you may wish to share some alternative learning with us instead. Please feel free to share your interests and educate the class and myself in some of your favourite things. 


As well as this, please can you make sure you are learning your weekly spellings and practicing your times tables. 

If you have any questions, just ask. I look forward to seeing what you have created!


Miss Macro

Welcome back!


We hope you all had a lovely half term and have enjoyed being back in the classroom. We have lots of excting learning planned for this term which is all explained in our curriculum newsletter below.


Take care,

Miss Macro and Mrs Cranton

Welcome to Beech class,


We have really enjoyed getting settled in to this new year and hope that you all have as well.

This term we are going to be learning all about the life cycles of plants and animals. Our termly newsletter below contains all the information for this topic. 


Thank you,

Miss Macro and Mrs Cranton

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