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Beech Class 2019-2020

Hello Beech Class


Welcome to the official first day of the summer holidays! I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves. I want to tell you all, again, how very proud I am of the way that you have coped with the last few, very strange, months and to say one more thank you for the effort that you have shown and for the lovely messages that you have been sending in. 


Thank you to those people who gave me feedback on the maths tests that you completed a few weeks back. If you haven't sent them back to school yet, please bring them with you in September. There were a few common areas and topics that seemed to appear as concerns for some of you so I am going to post some revision/practice activities for anybody who wants them. These are completely optional and I suggest that you dip in and choose the ones that are useful for you. I will keep adding as I find things that might be useful, so if you need things to keep you out of mischief, keep checking back.


Enjoy the sunshine.


Mrs Kerrigan

Week beginning Monday July 13th
Week beginning Monday July 6th
Week beginning Monday June 29th
Week beginning Monday June 22nd
Week beginning Monday June 15th
Week beginning Monday June 8th
Week beginning Monday June 1st
Week beginning Monday May 18th
School Closure Home Learning
Week beginning Monday May 11th

Good Morning Beech Class


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for another busy and productive week. Make sure that you look in the Gallery to see the amazing pieces of work that have been sent in. I am delighted with the progress that I have seen in your writing and especially pleased with those people who have really looked at the features of each piece and tried to include them in their own work. Lots of you have really 'listened' to my comments, as well, and this shows in how your work progresses over the week.


Just a word of caution, about the maths today. The link will take you to the Year 5 page. You then need to find the sub-page called Week 2, not Summer Term week 2. Lesson 1 is called 'Rounding Decimals.'

Week beginning Monday May 4th
Week beginning Monday April 27th

Good morning Beech Class and welcome to another Monday!

We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well.

I will add your work on here each day. We are going to try moving on in maths this week, instead of revising work that we have already covered. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY IF IT SEEMS TRICKY. We will go over everything when we are all back in school, together. For your writing, this week, I have included the task instructions which I will add to, each day, and repost.

Thank you for the work and photos that you have sent in. I added a gallery to last week's page and I am in the process of adding your work and sorting it, so please keep having a look. My technical skills are improving, slowly, (although I think Mrs Peck would disagree and she is actually glad that there is a phone line between us, which she can ignore!)


Stay safe. 


Mrs K

Week beginning Monday April 20th

Beech Class....I am sorry. I have just spotted a mistake in the maths I gave you this morning. Please read the page I have attached below. That will teach me not to rush!!

Hello Beech Class.


Welcome to Term 5!

We hope that you and your loved ones are all keeping well and safe. It still feels very strange to not be seeing you in the classroom every day and we are keeping our fingers tightly crossed that we will all be able to get back to normal as soon as possible.

This week, the children who are in school will be carrying out some activities on the theme of Latin America. We would love it if you got involved too so we will keep you posted with the things that we are up to. We are going to be learning some dance moves and creating a carnival atmosphere by the end of the week. Mrs K is going to be Olympic standard fit by the end of all this; daily runs with her own personal trainer (Maddie REALLY needs to go back to Uni now!) and 'Strictly' style dance routines!


Like before the Easter 'Holidays,' we will post work on here each morning. We love seeing what you produce and what you are getting up to so please keep emailing us. Remember, if we have permission from your parents, we can post the pictures in our gallery.


For now, keep safe and keep smiling.


Mrs Kerrigan and Mrs Peck

Happy Thursday!


Can you believe we are nearly two weeks into this strange new way of working? We hope you are all safe, well, happy and looking after each other.


Well, today should be your first day back after the exhausting time that you had at PGL....I hope you all slept well last night and the pile of dirty washing isn't too overwhelming for your parents! Maybe now is a good time to learn the new skill of loading the washing machine! (Top tip....check with Mum and Dad how they like the clothes pegged out on the line. Maddie and Ben have never mastered this skill!)


Last night and tonight, should also have been Parents Evening! You might be breathing a sigh of relief that we haven't, now, got the chance to tell your parents what you are really like but I am going to sneak in an update right now and say that I am incredibly proud and impressed with what I have seen and been told about the way you are dealing with this strange situation. I am also going to put out a request to your parents to report on you! I look forward to hearing all the details!


I am going to add a document that I had sent to me from Active Sussex, which gives a list of suggestions for ways to stay fit and healthy. As always, let us know what you enjoy and send photos of anything that you have a go at. I am sharing this with you because I am currently shut in with my mad, health conscious daughter who insists on dragging me out for a run, or puts me through relentless workouts in the lounge each day! I thought you could share my pain!


Stay safe and well. Look after each other and please send photos of your camp 'dens.'


Bye for now,


Mrs Kerrigan and Mrs Peck



Hello Beech Class


We hope you are all keeping well as we start week two of working from home. Thank you to everyone who sent us lovely messages and photos of you and your work from last week.


We are very aware that today should have been the day when you set off on your adventures at PGL. Although we can't make up for it completely, we thought it might be fun to set you the challenge of creating your own 'camp' within your house. Anyone who signs up for it has to create a virtual camp style sleepover somewhere other than their normal bed. You could create a 'den' out of sheets and sleeping bags, somewhere unexpected in your home. Your parents will need to agree that you are allowed to stay up late (obviously not disturbing the 'staff' and other campers) and take part in 'midnight' feasts. We would love to see pictures of the camps you create, as well as any outdoor activities that you can create in your gardens. Remember that room inspections can take place, at any time, without warning and points can be given or taken away!!


We have added the tasks for this week in the folders above. As before, please don't stress or worry about any of them and we would love to see anything that you want to share with us. With your parent's permission, we can upload some of them into a gallery for all of Beech Class.


Bye for now,


Mrs Kerrigan and Mrs Peck

We had great fun at the Teddy Bear's Picnic. I am thinking that maybe we need to work on Beary's table manners. Molly Mouse is a credit to Mrs Duke, daintily eating her piece of cheese and Frank is making sure he eats healthily by tucking into salad. It was just a shame that it was Mrs Peck's lunch!
Us again! To help continue your space learning, you could look at this homework grid. Don't forget to send us some pictures of what you do.

Happy Wednesday Team Beech

We hope you are all well, cheerful and settling into this new routine. We are getting better, each day at using this site so we will add things as we progress. Today we want to share some of the things that we are doing here and get you to share what you are up to as well. (If you send us photos that you are allowed to share, we will do our best to post them as many of them as possible. Please send them to my email address - - rather than through the website.)


This week, our theme is Australia. Feel free to carry out some independent research into all things Australian. (Willow, you should be very good at this!) We have done some Aboriginal painting and yesterday made Anzac biscuits which we are going to eat at our Teddy Bear Picnic at 12.00. It would be lovely if any of you could 'join us' and send pictures. Below is the recipe for the biscuits and a picture of our two honoured guests!! (Mrs Peck says I need to appreciate one of the few times where something connected to me is taller than something connected to her!!)


Stay safe.


Mrs Kerrigan and Mrs Peck :-)






Good Morning Beech Class.


We hope you are all safe and well.


Each Monday we will give you an overview of the work themes for the week. Remember that this is revision of work that we have already covered in Year 5. If you find it tricky or don't complete it, DO NOT WORRY.

There will be an ongoing weekly writing task and daily Maths and English tasks which we will add each day.  

Those of you who weren't here on Friday, please feel free to email us for your Classroom Secrets login details or Timetable Rockstars if you have forgotten it.  The Spelling Frame site does not need a login. Have fun exploring all of them and remember TopMarks as well.


Please keep in touch and let us know what you are up to.


Mrs Peck and Mrs Kerrigan :-)


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