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Term 5 Curriculum Letter

Tuesday 5th January, Morning Chestnuts

I wish you all a Happy New Year. 

I do hope you have had a good Christmas holiday and that you are all safe and well. This is not the way the way we hoped our new year would begin, however we will continue to aim to learn lots, to work together, to enjoy learning and have fun as we do so.

This term, we begin our incredibly exciting history topic about the Neolithic or Stone Age Period. We will travel way back in time to the Stone Age, a period over 4000 years ago (yes even older than Mr Gates!). You are to young archaeologists and time travelling detectives. Your task today will be to create a timeline documenting that amazing historical period.

For English this week, I call on your persuasive writing skills. What better way to beat the grey and cold than to snuggle up in a comfy den with your favourite book? So, your task this week is to build a cosy warm den and to snuggle up with a book in it. Later this week, you are going to learn the skills of master advertisers and create powerfully persuasive writing to encourage a reader to buy your marvellous den.

After you have created your den or your timelines please email me with pictures and we will create a gallery of the classes’ fabulous creations.

In maths we are to continue with our focus of learning multiplication and division.

There is also a spelling and sentence challenge to revise spellings we have been learning in class.

Each day I will be adding new learning to each days learning folder and hope you enjoy all the challenges and learning.

Note for parents and carers, we encourage children to continue with Timetables Rock stars and Bug Club. If you do not have passwords or need help with these or any other issues or queries please get in touch with me via email and I will aim to help and support. 

Best Wishes and happy learning, Mr Gates

P.S Above I have added some extra Lego Challenges that you might like to have a go at.

Q. What has 4 wheels and eats Lego? The Vacuum Cleaner


Welcome to Chestnut Class. It is so lovely to have a class full of keen smiley, happy children.

We have all been enjoying being back in our class and School routine and spending time together with our class full of friends. It has been lovely to see how well the class has established itself so quickly and  how we have formed excellent learning routines and have made really good progress in all our learning so far this term. 

Every half term I will add a folder related to the topic we are learning. In this folder you will find a curriculum letter outlining our learning for this term and a home learning folder to support your child at home.  Additionally I will add and update  links to support your child with their spelling and number.    

Welcome to term two in Chestnut Class. 

Time is certainly moving quickly and it is hard to believe we are already well into this term. Chestnut class are really developing into a lovely cohesive, hardworking fun bunch of learners. We are all really enjoying the time we spend together and all the learning we do. The days just whizz by!    

The class  have settled really well this term and I think, we have all enjoyed settling being back into our class and  our well established routines. It has been lovely to witness once again, how well the class has established itself so quickly and how they have continued with excellent learning routines and continue to  made really good progress.

Added for you this term are the new curriculum letter and very soon a homework grid. The homework grid will allow children to choose tasks at home to complete.  The tasks are based around our our topic of Lewes and our Maths and English learning  in class. I hope you find this helpful and informative.

All the very best, stay safe and well. Mr Gates  


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