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Monday 22nd June

Morning Chestnut Class, I hope you are all well and have been able to enjoy the lovely weather. This week we are going to write reports about incredible flying turtles. I hope you see it from my angle as we learn about angles in maths. We complete Carrie's war, this week  and  I do hope you have enjoyed it. Plus, there are lots more creative ideas for you in the topic section for you to enjoy. And a new spelling rule, adding 'ly' to words, so not just lucky I remembered that , but luckily for you I have!

Have a lovely week. Mr Gates 

Dougie and Tom's Everest Challange

I thought that the amazing challenge  Dougie and Tom are undertaking was described best in their word's:



When we went into lockdown, we felt sad that we wouldn't be able to see our friends and go to school. 
We wanted to turn something difficult into something good, something that we would be proud to look back on. And, along the way, show our support for our brilliant health workers.
And so we decided to climb Everest. Not the real one of course, but the hill next to our house. We worked out that if we climbed it around 60 times it would be just like climbing the real thing. 
Keeping reading to see how we're getting on and how you can support us...

 Soren's Sussex Safari

Soren has also set himself a challenge. A fantastic challenge based around the beautiful World we live in. Thankyou Soren for researching and finding this great webste and for sharing it with us. Now it's up you Chestnut's join in the fun and get out there with nature! 


Tuesday 2nd June

Yesterday there were issues with my access to our page on the website. As a consequence, I was unable to post a message to you all. So, here it is today! I hope you all had a good half-term, one lovely benefit was the beautiful weather. I hope you manged to get out and about and enjoy it. I have had some lovely messages and pictures form you and will post these in the next couple of days.

In the meantime we can continue with our learning. Our math's learning is to revise fractions. For English I am giving you the opportunity to enter a reading competition, you will need help from your helper with this, so read through this together so you understand what to do. We will continue with Carrie's War  for reading and learning year 3 words for spelling. Good luck!

As always get out when you can to enjoy the sunshine. Keep safe and well.

Mr Gates   

Friday 22nd May

Morning Chestnuts, I hope you are all well and looking forward to half-term. I will not be posting our learning tasks over the holiday but If you are looking for some fun things to do then have a look in the arts and crafts folder on the Schools website for inspiration.

Hopefully the weather will be lovely and sunny over the holiday and like Dennis and Gnasher, I hope you are able to get outside for some exercise and fresh air. As always, to you, your families and friends keep safe and well.

Mr Gates. 

Tuesday 19th May

Morning, the gallery has been updated today. I am sure you will enjoy the lovely pictures on it. I have used the icon of a bee as I thought this reflected the fact that you all are very buzeeeeeey. And I wanted to include a bad joke! 
By the way bikes are fixed, so thanks for the messages of support. A cup of tea and a little patience and time can achieve a lot!

I hope you enjoy the tasks and challenges today, remember to enjoy the sunshine. Mr Gates  

Monday 18th May

Good morning Chestnuts!

It is a beautiful day today, with lovely blue skies and it's warm! I hope you and your families are all well.

Two important things to do today. Firstly, let's do some fun learning and there is some great stuff for you to do today. Secondly, make sure you get outside to enjoy the lovely sunshine and get some exercise; whether that's a walk, a run, a play in the garden, cycling or cartwheeling....or all of them, go and make the most of a beautiful day. Lolly and I are planning a cycle and a walk today but of course like you we will remember to stay safe and look after ourselves.

I hope you enjoy what I have planned for you this week. For our English learning, I think it would be wonderful to think of others during this extraordinary time, and take some time to write a letter to say thank you to someone who has helped us.

In maths, our focus is on money and revising the 3,4, and 8 times tables. You may not have counters to help you at home with learning about money, If that is the case just ask to borrow some money from an adult to help you....just remember to give it back!  

We continue with Carrie's War with for our shared reading. I love listening to audio books and I hope you are enjoying this  as well. 

For Spellings, our focus is learning our year three words and I have given you the task of both choosing your words and your choices of challenge. 

I was sent some lovely work towards the end of last week and over the weekend, this will be up soon. It is great to see so many of you loved the reading den challenge.

As always make the most of the sunshine and keep safe and well. Best wishes, Mr Gates 

Friday 15th May

Morning Chestnuts, so sorry the work was not up first thing this morning. It was all on my computer waiting to be uploaded. My computer was at School. The plan was to be in nice and early to load it all onto our Chestnuts page. The plan did not quite work out......

 Ms Lewis and I left home early, as we usually do and set off on our bicycles (as we usually do). But we got just outside the Amex Stadium, Ms Lewis heard an ominous hiss and realised she had a flat back tyre! She called out to me, we stopped.  She then phoned Mr Dobell to tell him of our predicament. As she was chatting, I noticed that her front tyre had a drawing pin it...we agreed to pull it out and down that tire went, now two flat tires!  One hour later we arrived at school. So later today we will be  fixing the punctures, so that we can cycle home.

The moral of the story, will hopefully work; always be prepared: We have a puncture repair kit and even a spare inner tube plus pump, so fingers crossed we should be up and running soon.yes I'll let you know.....

Have lovely weekends. Look after yourselves and keep safe! Mr 'Puncture Repair', Gates 





Monday 11th May 

Good morning Chestnuts. I hope you and your families are all safe and well on this blustery Monday Morning. On the subject of Weather, I do hope that you were able to enjoy the lovely sunshine over the weekend and have had an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

So to this week.......Your challenge in math's is to learn about fractions. There is a video for you to watch and help sheets to guide you and then some challenges for you to have a go at.  You might be, a bit like me; I like fractions but I couldn't eat a whole one.

In English today your task is to create the perfect reading den. Then, you are quite simply to take a book your currently enjoying or have been planning to start reading and retire to the quiet and comfort of your fabulous den creation. Do enjoy!

Flat Stanley has come to an end and I ask you to take some time to write a full-blown review of the book.

Your spellings are a chance to revise and  make sure you have learnt some words we were learning earlier in the year.

Whilst in the topic work, take time to finish the tasks I set last week. If you have finished those, then  you could, If you have the materials create a clay pot. For this you will need to look at the power point from Brighton Museum, in the topic folder. 

Have a lovely Monday! Mr Gates 

Thursday 7th May 

Hello, Lovely Chestnuts!

I have posted all your learning for today. I hope as always you enjoy the challenges. Remember challenge yourself, enjoy the learning and push yourself as far as you are comfortable.  

I will not be posting tasks over the bank holiday weekend. However, have a look in the arts and crafts folder for some lovely activities. Or in the VE day resources on our Chestnut pages.

You might find it fun with your family to have a go at some of the recipes from the World War 2 home front recipe book, I have attached. Ms Lewis and I are going to try and make the cake which uses 1/2 a pint of tea!

I wish you  a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe and well. Mr Gates

VE Day Celebrations 1945

Wednesday May 6th

VE day celebrations will be happening across this Country and around the World over the weekend. This marks the end of War in Europe from 1939 to 1945.  This was the last World War and a huge, monumental milestone in history for Britain and the  World.  Millions of people died or were injured, lost loved ones and experienced  hardship during this war.  People fought to keep freedom and justice, which shaped the world we live in today.

To help you understand this I have added a video clip to our page about VE day.  I think this is an enjoyable, interesting and factual clip to watch. I have also included an audio version of the book Carrie's War. This is a book that I read when I was your age at School. I really enjoyed it both then and when I reread it recently. I hope you enjoy both.

Take time to ask your parents about WW2 and see perhaps if they have stories of family members who went through the War?

Maybe, they can tell you about your great grandparents or family relatives experiences of World war 2? 

Monday 4th May

May the fourth be with you.

Hello Chestnuts!

It has been lovely to receive your emails, work and pictures over the last week they will be added to this weeks gallery, so we can continue to celebrate your successes. Please keep them coming, I really enjoy receiving them and seeing what you are up to.This week, in maths we will continue with subtraction and I have included a help sheet to guide you. For English, we will focus on finishing and publishing our Tibetan story. Our topic, is the amazing Stone Age. Remember, the tasks I set for topic are aimed at taking you a couple of afternoons or mornings to complete. So, you can expect two or three of these a week. As always I urge you to keep up your fitness up with walks, jogs or cycles.  Make sure you are helping round the home and you are helping to look after you and your family. Keep safe and well. Mr Gates   


Tuesday 28th April

Afternoon Chestnuts,

I have just updated the gallery for this week, so please do go and have a look at the lovely pictures and work that has been sent in from you.

I have also added a couple of recipes that we have made over the past couple of weeks in School. If you have the ingredients they are fun, simple and tasty recipes to have a go at making. 

Mr Gates

Thursday 23rd April

Lets have some trumpets blaring and large Chestnut applause to you all,The Gallery is open!!!!

Monday 20th April

Morning Chestnuts! I hope you have had a good, If slightly unusual Easter Holiday and that you and your families are all safe and well.

I have updated the subject sections for this week. I am excited about using our English learning as an opportunity for us all to become historians and keep diaries during this time. I look forward to our future selves reading about our past selves......

I have had some lovely emails and pictures from some Chestnuts, letting me know how you are and what you are doing. I really enjoy receiving these and always look forward to hearing from you, so please keep them coming. 

If you are sending pictures please let me know If you are happy for them to be used as Mrs Head is in the process of setting up a gallery and if you are happy to include your pictures on the gallery we would love to share them.

I want you all to know that the work I put on the website is there for you to dive into, to do as much as you are happy to do. If you find a task tricky then do what you can. The most important thing to remember, is you do what you can and you enjoy doing what you do.  

As always take care, enjoy the sunshine and look after you and your family.

Best wishes Mr Gates 



Friday 3rd April

Morning Chestnuts,

I wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter. I hope you are able to go out safely and sensibly to enjoy the lovely Spring weather  during the Easter Holiday. 

I will not be posting daily subject tasks during the holiday, but encourage you to look on the website site and have a go at some of the lovely creative tasks that staff are putting on here. I will add some fun games and activities for you to enjoy, so keep checking the website.  

I want to remind you with all the learning tasks and activities that you try, just give things a go and focus on enjoying them and doing the best you can.  As someone said to me this week, it is the quality of the tasks you do and not the quantity. 

I do wish you all a safe and happy Easter. A time to remind ourselves how important our family and friends are and how much we care and value each other and the beautiful World we are a part of. 

Mr Gates


Morning Chestnuts,

More updates today on our page. Remember your daily exercise, stretch, jog or jump!  Have a daily walk and enjoy some fresh air and the sunshine. Look after you and your family. I am sure you are but offer to help round your home, make your bed, tidy your room, maybe help with the cooking.  

As always keep safe and well. Mr Gates 

Home Learning,


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well.

On this home learning page, I have created folders in curriculum areas to support your child while they are at home (see below). Each subject area contains useful ideas and websites to support your child. This is still a work in progress, so please bear with me while I develop this resource.   

The most important thing is that you all stay safe and happy. There is no expectation that all tasks are completed, as these are suggested activities designed to help you and your child with their learning. I appreciate that you may well be working from home and juggling a myriad of commitments, so my message is please look after yourself and do what is manageable and right for you.

There are many other lovely activities that you can be enjoying together such as baking, gardening, enjoying nature, sketching, art, films and reading. I will be setting week and daily tasks.



Please listen to your child read each day.

I will be reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and if your child has a copy it would be great if they could read along with me. I will then set activities based around the book.

If your child does not have a copy, do not worry because there will be other reading based tasks in the general reading folder.

The big reading message from me is to keep on reading.



I have created a spelling and grammar page and each day I will upload that day’s activity.



Please encourage your children to learn their number bonds and multiplication facts. Playing Numbots  and Timetables Rock stars will help with this.

I will post daily Maths task and please find general maths resources in the maths folder.  



I will create a weekly writing task based around a range of writing genres and inspirations.



I understand that these are difficult times for everyone so please do what you can. Whatever you choose to do just try and have fun, keep safe and look after each other.


Best wishes,

Nick Gates 


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