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Daniel's Reading Den

Here is a picture of Daniel's tree top reading den. It looks great! Well done Daniel.

Sylvie's Advert

Thank you Sylvie for sending your advert. She has included all the features of an advert and her rhetorical questions are very effective. I love the sound of a swinging den. Well done Sylvie. 

Grace's Story

Grace has written a wonderful story inspired by the picture. She has used very powerful language and included chocolate!

Well done Grace. 

Grace's Reading Den

Grace has sent in pictures of her amazing den. She has used dining room chairs which meant her family could not sit at the table to eat wink. It has fairy lights inside and the cat is happy with it too. Well done Grace. 

Daniel's Story

Thank you Daniel for sending in your story. It is lovely to see that you have included fronted adverbials and speech. Well done yes Oh and I love the drawing too!

Bobby's Den (and Maise's laugh​​​​​​)

Bobby has sent in pictures of his Reading Den. The first one was out side, but it was too windy. Maise also made one! Well done Bobby yes

Daniel's Dairy and Portrait

Thank you Daniel for sending in your work. Your diary is a great read and I can really see the effort you have put into describing your day. Well done

Also you have sent in an amazing portrait. It's a Piccassoesque portrait and the colours are amazing. Well done.

Milo's Diary

Milo has sent in his diary. It is a great read and Milo I am very impressed with your paragraphs and handwriting. Remember to keep it safe, so you can read it back in 10, 20 or even more years!

Book Challenge

Elodie has sent in an old book that they have at home. The book is undated, but they carried out research to find that it may have been published in 1910!

The message inside reads, ‘Dolly, with love from Uncle Walter Aunt Ella Xmas 1910’.  Thank you Elodie as it is fascinating. 

Elodie's Iceland Fact File

Elodie has sent in her information research about Iceland and the Northern Light. She has found fascinating facts. Elodie chose this country as it is beautiful and the Northern Lights interest her.  Well done and thank you Elodie.

Book Challenge

Grace has managed to find a book older than mine. She said it was published in 1870 in Scotland. It looks a fansinating book Grace. Thank you for sending. 

Grace's Country Information Report

It was lovely to hear from Grace yesterday. She sent in her information report about Sweden.

Well done Grace. You have carried out interesting research and you have used lovely presentation skills. 

Mrs Lewis' Thesaurus

Here is a picture of the thesaurus I mentioned. It is so old the pages are brown. My mum signed her name in 1971 and the book was first published in 1852! However, I think this copy was printed in 1971. Can you find an older book in your house? 

Sylvie's Country Information Report

Sylvie has sent in a picture of her information report about Lebanon.

Well done Sylvie, as it carefully researched and you have used paragraphs very successfully. 

Otis' Country Information Report

Otis has sent in his research of his country. He has found really interesting facts. Well done Otis!

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