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This week please learn to spell the days of the week. 

They feature in The Hungry Caterpillar book so it would be a great way to incorporate these into the learning this week.

Learning these spellings will also help when we go to write our own version of the book. 

Look at spelling patterns e.g. 'day' at the end of each word

Look at phonics sounds to support spelling e.g.  Th,ur, ue

Break down the words into segments e.g. W ed n es d ay, S at ur d ay

Children are used to using robot arms to help them break don the sounds in words so ask them to show you.  

Remind them that days of the week are proper nouns and therefore need a capital letter every time we write them.  


Why not make a day of the week spinner (see photos below).  


If you have some chalk draw a hopscotch outside. Instead of writing just numbers write the days of the week in the squares too. Choose a number, jump/hop onto the square, say the day of the week, write it down without looking and then check the spelling.  


Find different ways of revisiting the days of the week spellings each day until your child can spell them.  


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