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Today create a story map to support your own version of The very Hungry Caterpillar.

Instead of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, it could be Martha the Hungry Caterpillar,  The Very Hungry Arlo........ 


Story maps help to structure a story in preparation for writing. Have a look at some examples below as an idea.  


A story map is made up of mainly pictures and just the odd word.

The words we will be adding to our story map will be the days of the week (our spellings for the week). 

You can also add the word that represents the food you are using if you want to.  


Innovate the story by thinking of different food to eat each day for example 

Martha might eat 

One kiwi on Monday 

Two lemons on Tuesday

Three purple grapes on Wednesday 

Four apricots on Thursday........... 


Draw each day of the story, write the day of the week (remember captial letter at the beginning of each day) and if you want to name the food. As you will see from the story maps below the drawings don't need to be detailed. The drawings are there to support your writing tomorrow.


The beginning and end of the story would remain the same its just the food that would change. 




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