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Your task today is to pretend you are the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. You feel really bad about what you did to Granny and you want to say sorry. Can you write a letter to her to explain why you pretended to be her and say sorry? Think carefully about writing in full sentences and using the correct punctuation. 

Challenge: Can you include some expanded noun phrases? E.g. the 'warm, comfy bed' rather than just 'the bed'.

You can use the exercise book I sent home, paper you already have, the template below or type it on your computer.


Today we are going to revise odd and even numbers. Remember you only need to look at the last digit in the number to know if it's odd or even! You must do at least three examples in each box to make sure your idea is right smiley


I've also included a Minute Maths sheet that you could use over the next two days. In class we time a minute and see how many we can do. Whilst you're at home you could carry on timing a minute or just see if you can work through it. 


Here is a STEM challenge you could try and complete laugh

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