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Thursday & Friday

Thursday and Friday


Use the pictorial story map you drew yesterday to help you with your story writing.  

Use a format similar to The very hungry Caterpillar so that you get the opportunity to include the days of the week spellings you have been learning.


Make the book however you like but remember to use the story map to help you with your writing. 

When writing remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Your handwriting needs to have lead in/lead out strokes, and sit on the line. 

Remember the letters g, j, p, q,y are descenders and go below the line and the letters b,d,h, and k are ascenders so stand tall. 


Don't rush your story. Write a few sentences per day and when you have finished  your writing why not add some pictures to your story.  


I'd love to see some. Take a photo and send them to me so I can add them to our class gallery.  

Email them to

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