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Easter Bunny Mystery

Wednesday 8th April 


Rabbit Man has been caught! The sneaky villain couldn't resist our trap. He was apprehended and then interrogated by children and staff. Eventually Rabbit Man pled guilty to kidnapping the Easter Bunny. He agreed a plea bargain which included the release of the Easter Bunny, the trap to be his permanent home and of course an Easter Egg.  Rabbit Man was then sent to Mr Dobell's office before hopping shamefully out of the school.       



Update regarding Rabbit Man  - Tuesday 7th April  


After our suspicions yesterday that Mr Dobell had been replaced by a rabbit pretending to be him, we decided to build a bigger trap.  We worked as part of a team to build a cosy, inviting trap that wouldn't raise suspicion should the sneaky rabbit hop upon it. 


Can you make a trap to catch this pesky Rabbit Man?

Email your photos to and I will put them on the website smiley  








Monday 6th April 


Something very strange is going on in school. Today a half eaten carrot and a rather evil letter from someone pretending to be the Easter Bunny was found in Elm Class.  We then noticed a trail of rabbit footprints, carrots and mini bunnies on the playground.  At the end of the trail we found a basket of a hay and a rather unusual orange egg. It wasn't long before we realised that the letter was not from the Easter Bunny but a pesky villain called Rabbit Man who was adamant we couldn't catch him. 


We thought about what we could do to catch the culprit. Something creative was needed so we all made a trap to catch him/her (check out some of our traps below).          


Later in the day a very strange Mr Dobell hopped into the class, munching a carrot and wearing some unusual shaped glasses and bunny ears. We questioned him in great depth and concluded that the carrot munching, hopping villain before us was not the real Mr Dobell but an imposter pretending to be him. 


Where had Mr Dobell gone? Was he trapped in a burrow? Was he pulling up carrots in a field..............  


What about the Easter Bunny? We have to save the day or there will no EGGS for anyone!   



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