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Hello my lovely Elm Class and parents. 


I hope you all had a lovely half term. The weather was absolutely beautiful 


This term our topic is called 'Home Sweet Home'. We will be learning lots of fun things about where we live, homes in the past and famous people. 


Our learning will encompass science, geography and history as we find out about about materials, maps and the Victorians.    


Key texts will include: 

  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea 
  • Katie in London 
  • Secret of Black Rock 
  • Sharing a Shell 


Reading - I have set up a new online reading scheme with Active Learn called Bug Club.  Bug Club mirrors the reading schemes we use in school. It is colour banded in the same way that your child  is used too. Please access the account when you have the new login details and read the allocated books I have set for your child.  


Phonics and Spellings - I will create a series of phonics lessons and or spellings that link to the text we will be using for our English lessons.  As well as the phonics/spellings I set please also look for key sounds of the week in your child/ren's reading books and visit the phonics sites I provided you with in week 1 of home learning.   


Maths - We will continue to use White Rose videos and follow up activities.

You will notice that I have included something called 'Flashbacks' this term. Flashbacks give children the opportunity to show what they have learnt from a previous lesson.  Flashbacks can be explained to your child/ren but please encourage them to complete the tasks as independently as possible as this will show their understanding. 


Happy learning everyone! 


Mrs Duke  xx

Elm Class, you have read 400 books! This is amazing smiley

Keep on reading yes


Hello my lovely Elm Class smiley


I hope you have all had a good week and have enjoyed the learning tasks I set you.    


I'm in the process of putting together the learning for week 2. Some of this has been added to the folders already and the rest will be completed by Monday.


Don't forget, if you would like to send me some of your wonderful learning then please email it to the office and they will forward it onto me. I will celebrate all your hard work by adding it to our class page. Parents, please give permission for your child's work to be added to our website in the email.     


Well done parents. First week done yes 

A little reminder, please don't feel like you have to complete every task. They are there as ideas to support you. I'd say, keep up the reading, phonics and NumBots but also use this opportunity to live life at a slower pace and find out about 'stuff' and 'things' you and your child might be interested in. Find time to watch the flowers bloom in the garden and see how they change and develop each day. Lie on the grass and discuss the shapes of the clouds. Listen to the radio and discover new sounds. Sing at the top of your voices and dance in your lounge till your hearts content. Let them read and find out what interests them. I'm going to find out about 'stuff' and 'things' I'm interested in too. Let me know what you discover!   


Keep safe everyone xx



I have set us up an account with

Epic is a digital library for children of 12 years and under. A class code has been emailed to you so you can access the site. Once you have the class code click on the link above/then click on students and educators/student log in and enter class code. Once the class code has been entered you will see a list of names for the children in Elm. Click on your child's name and enter the details required to open your child's reading programme. There are over 12,000 fantastic books on Epic so enjoy reading and sharing books with each other laugh 


If you fancy a bit of quiet time with a good story then sit, relax and listen to an audible story for free at   









Anzac Biscuits

Wednesday 25th March  


Hello everyone smiley


I hope you are all well and enjoying the home learning tasks I have been setting you.


Our theme this week for the key worker children in school is Australia.  So far we have done some Aboriginal painting and made Anzac biscuits. If you have the ingredients to make them at home then do as they taste delicious. I will attach the recipe.  


What other things could you find out about Australia? Why not create a poster about the country? I'd love to see some! Email a picture of you poster to the school.


As the weather was so beautiful today we had a Teddy bears picnic.

Molly Mouse loved tucking into her mini cheddars laugh

The children had to write an invitation inviting someone else in school to the picnic. Why don't you do the same?

Other ideas you could do include:

  • make a list of foods you will need for the picnic
  • draw a picture of the picnic and add labels to show who attended 
  • write instructions on how to make a sandwich for the picnic 


We did our reading outside today. If the weather is nice tomorrow why not do the same.

Have a look at the photo of Molly the Mouse reading her favourite book. Do you know what book it is?

What favourite book will you read in your garden? I'd love to see a photo of you reading and an explanation about why it is your favourite book.  


Have fun everyone smiley


Mrs Duke






Monday 23rd March


Hello everyone smiley 


I hope you are all safe and well. 


In the Home Learning area (see below), 

I have created folders covering curriculum areas to support your child while they are at home. Each subject area contains useful ideas as well as websites to support your child. This is still a work in progress so please bare with me while I resource the content for each subject area.  


Ways to support your child each day: 



Please listen to your child read every day.



Choose a sound that is appropriate for your child's level from Phonics Phases 3 - 5.

Copies of these and ideas to support your child can be found in the phonics folder. 



Choose a maximum of 6 spellings from the high frequency/common exception word list for year 1. These can be found in the spelling folder.      



Play Numbots every day.    

Use the 'Progression in Number Facts' sheet from NCETM to develop fluency with numbers 1-20.


Each week I will add a folder containing a range of ideas you can do for phonics, spelling and handwriting. Additionally to that I will also add a writing and/or maths task. These will be added to 'Week 1' folder later today.  


I understand that these are difficult times for everyone so please do what you can. Whatever you choose to do just try and have fun, keep safe and look after each other. 


Thinking of you all 

Mrs Duke 😘





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