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This week you will use the text The Bad Tempered Ladybird to inspire your writing.


Throughout the week you  will:

  • listen or read the story
  • finding out about nouns 
  • draw a picture of a ladybird and describe it using adjectives 
  • describe the ladybirds personality
  • write a character description
  • use the coordinated conjunction 'and' in sentences
  • edit and improve your work  


Spellings: - It is an expectation that these words are spelt correctly in your writing. 

  • he (often spelt as hee)
  • his (often spelt as (hiz)   
  • she 
  • her (often spelt as hr) 
  • body (often spelt as bodee) 
  • lady (often spelt as ladee)  
  • bird 
  • head (often spelt hed)
  • eyes (often spelt as iys) 


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The school will be closed to all pupils (with the exception of children of Key Workers, those with Social Workers and those with an EHCP) from Friday 20th March until further notice