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This week you will use the text The Bad Tempered Ladybird to inspire your writing.


Throughout the week you  will:

  • listen or read the story
  • finding out about nouns 
  • draw a picture of a ladybird and describe it using adjectives 
  • describe the ladybirds personality
  • write a character description
  • use the coordinated conjunction 'and' in sentences
  • edit and improve your work  


Spellings: - It is an expectation that these words are spelt correctly in your writing. 

  • he (often spelt as hee)
  • his (often spelt as (hiz)   
  • she 
  • her (often spelt as hr) 
  • body (often spelt as bodee) 
  • lady (often spelt as ladee)  
  • bird 
  • head (often spelt hed)
  • eyes (often spelt as iys) 


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