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Today is an opportunity for you to catch up with your Charles Darwin biography writing.

Remember to read each part very carefully and edit/redraft, as you need, before you send it to me.

Things to consider:

  • Have you linked your sections together, with good openers and linking sentences?
  • Have you used formal time connectives?
  • Have you included relative clauses?
  • Have you used pronouns to provide cohesion and flow?
  • Are your facts in chronological order?
  • Does it have a formal tone?

Once you are happy with how your biography sounds. Carry out your technical edit:

  • Correct sentence punctuation (full stops and capital letters)
  • Commas to separate main and subordinate clauses
  • Commas after fronted adverbials
  • Correct use of apostrophes for possession
  • Check the spelling of ambitious words or any that look wrong


Once you have sent your final edit to me, you can start to think about your independent task and choose who you are going to write a biography about.

  • Read more than one piece of information
  • Make notes of key words/facts/dates
  • DO NOT COPY SENTENCES – remember you are going to tell their story in your own words.




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