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Most of you are ready to begin your independent biography writing. Once you have chosen the person that you are going to write about:

  • Find at least two sources of information
  • Make notes – key words/ dates/facts
  • Plan the different sections of your biography (these will be your sub-headings)
  • Think about your link sentences
  • Can you include relative clauses?
  • Make sure that your facts are chronological (time order)


Remember that you can go back to any of the video clips that we watched during this unit. Remind yourself of the features that biographical writing contains.

This is your chance to show off your skills at biography writing.


This does not have to be completed today. Tomorrow is also available for this task. Use your time well.

If you are struggling for ideas, have a look at the site below. You might find someone that you are inspired by. 

Remember. you need more than this one source of information, in order to avoid the temptation of copying their words and phrases.

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