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For English, today, I would like you to have a good look at the adverts from our newspaper editors and have a go at planning a piece of writing for one of the following sections:

  • Features
  • News
  • Stories
  • Art Features
  • Reviews


You will need to decide on the purpose (to entertain, inform, persuade or discuss) and audience of your text before you plan out the different sections. The style and vocabulary you use will depend on these two things.


For non-fiction texts:


You might need to carry out some research before you begin your planning. Remember how you carried out the research and made notes for the newspaper report (Spiderman) and biographies (Charles Darwin) you wrote last term.


Once you have made notes, you will need to plan the different sections and consider how you will link them together.


For stories:


You will need to plan the five parts of your story: beginning, build-up, climax, resolution and ending.


Remember to keep your planning simple and clear. It is meant to help you with your writing. It is not a first draft so you are not trying to write in complete sentences. 


You do not have to submit your final pieces to the newspaper if you do not want to but I do want everybody to have a go at writing in the style of one of the above sections. This is an opportunity for you to choose a piece of writing that appeals to you.


Once you have finished your plan, please send it to me at





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