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Once your piece of writing is complete, you need to edit and redraft thoroughly:

  • have you used cohesive devices to link your writing within and across your paragraphs?


Cohesive devices are words or phrases used to connect ideas between different parts of text. There are three main types of cohesive devices:

  • Pronouns that refer back to a previously mentioned noun.
    • Example: Jim went out to the playground. He played on the swings.
  • Substitution of a synonym for a previously mentioned noun.
    • Example: There was a lot of food, but she only ate the bread.
  • Transition words and inter-clausal connectors such as so or because
    • Example: Jim played on the swings. Later, Jim played ball.
    • Example: Mary was late, so she took the bus. Mary was late, because she took the bus.
  • have you stayed in the same tense/person?
  • have you used appropriate/ambitious vocabulary?
  • is your punctuation present and correct?
  • have you checked the spelling of ambitious or tricky words?


Make any changes that you need to and then email it to me:


If you decide to submit your writing to the newspaper, please send it to me, again, with the name of the relevant editors in the subject line. I will not pass anything on to the newspaper unless I am sure that you want me to.


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