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Our English lesson will be on Team. If you can't join us then please start the opening of Jack and the Beanstalk story. 


I would like you to chose a positive (happy) story opening and a positive adjective to describe Jack. 


First I would like you to look at the openings below and sort them into positive/negative story openings. 

  • One dark stormy night 
  • Once upon a time  
  • One rainy afternoon
  • Long, long ago  
  • In a magical land far away 

An example of a positive story opening would be 'One sunny morning'. 

An example of a negative story opening would be 'One thundery evening'.  

Once you have sorted them, choose a positive opening to start your story. 


Next, sort these words to describe Jack into positive/negative. 

  • grumpy 
  • happy
  • sad 
  • thoughtful 
  • kind 
  • unkind  

Choose one of the positive words to describe Jack. 


Finally, write your positive story opener. 

E.g. Once upon a time, there lived a kind boy called Jack. He lived with his mum in a little, stony cottage in the countryside.  


Draw a picture of Jack, his mum and the cottage. 



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