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Our English lesson will be on Team. If you can't join us then please do part two of the Jack and the Beanstalk story. 


Part two is where Jack has to sell Daisy the cow.   


I would like you to chose a negative (sad) opening and a negative adjective to describe how Jack feels when he has to sell Daisy. 


First I would like you to look at the openings below and sort them into positive/negative openings. 

  • One cloudy morning 
  • One bright, sunny afternoon    
  • One  warm evening
  • One rainy day  
  • One day  


An example of a positive story opening would be 'One sunny morning'. 

An example of a negative story opening would be 'One thundery evening'.  

Once you have sorted them, choose a negative opening for the next part of your story.  

Next, watch the video clip about a cute cows. Think about how the video makes you feel. How would Jack feel to own Daisy? How would he feel to sell Daisy? 


Choose a negative word to describe how Jack feels when he has to sell Daisy. 

  • heartbroken 
  • sad 
  • upset  
  • tearful 
  • worried  


Finally, write your sentences. 

For example:

One cloudy day mum told Jack the Daisy had to be sold. Jack was heartbroken as Daisy was his pride and joy. 

One rainy morning mum told Jack that he had to sell Daisy. Jack felt upset as Daisy was a special cow and he loved her.    





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