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Our English lesson will be on Teams. If you can't join us then please do part three of the Jack and the Beanstalk story. 


Part three is where Jack meets the seller of the magic beans.     


I would like you to chose a negative (sad) opening and adjectives to describe the old man and magic beans. 


First I would like you to look at the openings below and sort them into positive/negative openings. Discuss any adventurous language e.g. meandered

  • Jack skipped happily down the lane with Daisy. 
  • Jack walked slowly to market dragging Daisy behind him.
  • Jack sang happily as he went to sell Daisy. 
  • Jack strolled across the field with Daisy. 
  • Jack meandered to market dragging Daisy behind him.    


Once you have sorted them, choose a negative opening for the next part of your story.  


Next look at the image of the old man and magic beans and use adjectives to describe them.  

For example: 

  • mysterious
  • peculiar 
  • magical 
  • shimmering 
  • glistening 


Finally, write your sentences. 

For example:

Jack walked slowly down the lane dragging Daisy behind him. On the way he met a mysterious old man and sold Daisy for some shimmering magic beans.     


Draw a picture to go with your writing. 

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