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In preparation for writing in the style of a diary entry, have a look at the features poster which I have attached below.

You might also research online and find some examples of diary extracts. Can you identify the features mentioned in the poster?


Today, you are going to write a diary as EITHER Scrooge or his nephew, Fred, recounting their conversation on Christmas Eve.


You will need to:

-carefully plan what you will include
-choose vocabulary that the character might use
-show the character’s viewpoints and opinions, thinking carefully about the character’s ‘voice’
I have attached a planning sheet, which you might find useful to help you focus  on what to include in your text.
I have, also, attached the Extract 1 of A Christmas Carol to remind you of what we know, so far, about Scrooge and his nephew and their encounter on Christmas Eve. Last Thursday's task, where you explored the viewpoints of Scrooge and Fred might also help you.
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