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While you are learning at home, it is quite difficult for you to follow exactly what we are doing in the classroom, so I thought I would make use of the Oak Academy lessons so that you can actually have some input and guidance with your writing. It means that I can get information to you, without bombarding you with lots of written instructions from me, or sending you lots of information/text examples to print out.

Today's lesson has a lot of things in which I think will be useful to get you started in thinking about writing newspaper reports.

Some of the points in there might seem unfamiliar to the way that we work in Oak Class so don't panic about things that you might find confusing. For example, the teacher talks, at one point about 'Word Raps.' We haven't seen these before but, actually, I quite liked them! They might be a good way of fixing the meanings in your brains, if you happen to struggle with remembering the difference between nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Also, she refers to London during the task because that is where Oak Academy is. It won't make things harder for you to understand but remember that, when you start some writing, you can make it relevant to you and where you live.


Your Task

You need to:

  1. watch the video clip all the way through and complete the tasks set
  2. Find a piece of text that contains some direct and indirect speech and identify examples of each
  3. Imagine that you are reporting on an event for a newspaper. Write a short extract, where you report the comments of witnesses. Make sure you include examples of direct and indirect speech.


Remember, you are only writing a very short extract from an imaginary report. The event that you choose can be real or made up. You are NOT writing the whole report.


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