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Today, we are going to carry on developing our skills for writing a newspaper report. I have included an example of a newspaper report for you to look at and help you spot the features that you will need to include in your own reports. Can you identify the direct and indirect speech within it?


Today's Lesson:

I have posted another video clip for you to watch. This time, the focus is on  word classes and revision of sentence types (simple, compound and complex.) Any good piece of writing needs a mixture of all three.


Your task:

After you have watched the video, I would like you to write three paragraphs from the body of a news report. Try to think of three different ideas/events in your news report and then build a paragraph around your idea. Try and remember words that create cohesion, both within and across your paragraphs so that your writing flows easily. The most important thing is to write text with a variety of sentence types.


You do not have to write about the same news event that you chose yesterday and, again, your report can be true or made up.

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