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Our English learning will build up to us writing a travel journal of a safari.


If we were in class the first thing we would do is discuss is what a travel journal is. Please talk to your child about this. I have attached an example of a travel journal to the Antarctic. Please read this journal to your child and talk about the different features it contains. For example - The location, date, first impressions, best bit, sights, questions...... 


Each lesson we will gather a bank of words and then write a sentence. We will be using features of the Antarctic Journal in our writing and eventually, we will have our own journal of a safari.  Today we will focus on 'First Impressions'.     


You will need:

Two lined pieces of paper and a pencil. 


How to set out your work:

Look at my example below (thinking side and writing side).

We did this in class last term so the children will be used to this format.   


For our first lesson I would like you to watch the sunrise clip from the movie The Lion King (see video clip below). 

I want you to imagine that you have gone on safari to Africa and you come across the most wonderful animals you have ever seen in your life. Discuss the animals you spot. Do you know what any of them are called? 


Re-watch the clip again. This time I would like you to focus your attention on the dessert and the colours of the environment. Write a list of the colours to describe the sand on the thinking side of your page (see below for an example).  Next think about other objects that might share that colour e.g. creamy chocolate, tan leather, frothy coffee, gold toffee, brown card, golden hair..... Look around your house for objects that are the same colour as the sand to help you come up with words to describe the colour and object (it doesn't matter what the objects are) write these on your thinking side (see my example). Once you have done that, you will then use two of your words and put them into a sentence. We will all start with the same sentence starter.     


On your page write:


Africa, 5th January 

Amazing Safari 

First impressions 

What struck me on arrival was sand as..........

Add your colour and then add your object (see my example below).    


Try to remember capital letters, letters sitting on the line, finger spaces, lead in/lead outs and full stops.    




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