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Today we will begin to write the 'Best Bit' of our safari. 


You will need: 

  • two pieces of paper (thinking side and writing side as before)
  • pencil


Watch the two Lion King videos below and focus your attention on the sun rising.


Brainstorm some colourful phrases to describe the sun. 

e.g. burnt orange, fiery red, tangerine orange....... 

Write 2-3 phrases on your thinking side.  


Next think of some verbs (action words) for the way the sun rises and merges into the morning sky

eg. spread, stretched, pushed, reached................  

Write 2-3 verbs on your thinking side. 


After that write a sentence that includes one of your phrases and a verb. 


How to lay out your work 


Write Best Bit! at the top of you page. 


My modelled sentence if I was in school would be:   

I will always remember the morning of the (insert a January date). As I looked out onto the desert I saw........(write your colour phrase and verb here).  This was the start of my day on safari.



Children can use the format of my model to structure their sentence.

Please read my sentence to them and ask them to add their date, colour phrase and verb. 

Encourage them to use knowledge of phonics to spell words. They are so brilliant at doing this laugh

Below is a copy of my writing for you to see.   




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