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We are going to look at a SATs Reading Comprehension, this week and I have broken it down into sections. Today, I would like you to read the first text extract, 'The Jungle Book, book and film' and then answer the questions.


Remember what we talked about when we did this before:

  • Read the questions carefully . If it asks you to tick two boxes, you can't earn a point if you only tick one.
  • Refer back to the text each time. This isn't a memory test.
  • Look at how many marks each question is worth and make sure that you have written enough to earn the marks.
  • Be word efficient. Don't waffle.
  • Make sure that what you have written makes sense.


We are going to try and set up our first Teams 'meeting' with you this afternoon at 2pm. If we can, we will use it to go through your answers and explain how you can mark them.

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