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We are going to carry on revising our 'ough' words. If there is anyone free, at home, you can play a game of Pairs.

You will need to cut out the words on the sheet below.

Turn the cards over, face down on the table and then take it in turns to turn over two cards at a time, trying to make a pair ( two words where 'ough' is pronounced in the same way.)


At the end of the session, share the pairs of words made and then investigate if there are any other words that could join each group of words to make more pairs.

If you haven't already, please finish your writing about democracy in Ancient Greece. Read it through, carefully and edit as needed. When you have finished, please email it to me (thank you if you already have.)


Your extra task (if you have finished the Ancient Greece task) is to write a book review.

Choose a book that you have enjoyed and write a review.

  • Who would enjoy this book (age group/particular interests)?
  • Give a brief overview of the story but don't give away too much of the plot.
  • Why do you recommend it?

Remember to email it to me and I will post them in the Gallery so that we will have a list of books that we can choose from during lock-down.

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