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Monday 30th March, Film Critic

This week you are going to be a film critic.  These are people that write in magazines and newspapers or online about films.They watch films and tell readers of their review about the plot, story  and characters, without giving away the ending. They then tell readers their opinion and what they thought about the film. 

Task number one, over the next two days watch two films and complete the attached storyboard task.   

Wednesday 1st April

I hope you have enjoyed your films.

Your next task is  to choose one of the films you watched and write a review of it. Use the attached task sheet to help you.


Thursday 2nd April

So, you have watched two films. Your task is to create a poster of one of the two films you have watched. If you have watched it on DVD, you might want to magpie some ideas from the cover. Or you could research Children's film posters on the internet

( I typed in Children's Disney Film posters in google and it gave me loads of really good ideas). You may want to base your poster on a favourite character or scene.

You need to include the film title, a sentence or two that encourages people to want to watch the film and the poster needs  to

be colourful to make it really eye-catching.  Create a poster to be proud of! 

Friday 3rd April

Alternative Ending

Your final task of the week is to write an alternative ending to one of the films you have watched. You may want to plan this first by drawing the ending.  You might like to draw 2 or 3 pictures that illustrate your scenes. Then, you can have a go at writing that ending. Remember to keep it simple by using just the characters and the setting in the film and just changing how the film ends.   

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