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Thank you to everybody who has sent in their news reports. For anyone who still needs time to complete the task, please use today, instead of today's lesson. The important thing is to understand paragraphing and I am happy for you to spend extra time on that if you need it. (Remember, your task was to create three paragraphs about your news theme. Each paragraph needed to have a clear idea, which you grew with extra information sentences. If you are still unsure, have a look, again, at my planning and my example of one paragraph.



For today, we are going to look at how to gather information for a newspaper report. The Oak Academy video shows examples of sources of information that a reporter might use to compile their text. You will learn how to take notes so that you can gather information efficiently.


Your task:

Follow the link to the Newsround site. Choose a video report that interests you and watch it through, taking notes of the key facts/ideas. You will probably need to watch it more than once. Use your notes to plan the main body of a newspaper report. You will need to list the paragraphs that you are going to include and give details of what each paragraph will include.


Extension activity:


Turn your plan into the main body of a newspaper report. 

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