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So, today we are going to write the opening paragraph to a news report. Those of you, who planned a new report, yesterday can write the opener for that but if you didn't get on to the planning, yesterday, don't worry. You can have a go at writing an effective opening paragraph for the news report that you have already written (or you can think uo something entirely new.) The important thing is to consider the features needed in an opener and then have a go at writing one. Once again, I am not asking for a full news report. At the moment, we are practicing all of the different parts, in preparation for creating, independently a full new report at the end of next week.


There is another Oak Academy video to watch. As always, don't worry about the things that are not relevant to us. She suggests that we are going to begin to write a news report; she doesn't know that the amazing Oak Class are so far ahead of her!

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