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Our English learning today will be on Teams.  


I will be reading The Lion Inside and together we will create instructions to help the mouse (character in the story) learn how to roar. Come dressed as a lion or a mouse smiley    


If you are not able to join us on Teams then please watch The Lion Inside up to where the mouse wants to learn

to roar (3.41 minutes). 

Think of some instructions to help the mouse learn to roar.

Next create some actions to help you remember them. 

Use first, next, then, after that whilst saying your instructions. 

Tomorrow we will begin to write the instructions.    



Lion Inside Read Aloud

Story: Rachel BrightPictures: Jim FieldNarrator: Dustin Steichmann Music: Adventures - A Himitsu We are a non-profit school encouraging students to learn Eng...

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