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Yesterday was a day which will probably be an important part of history, in years to come. I wonder how many of you watched the inauguration ceremony of the new President and Vice President of America.

Today, you are going to listen to an audio version of a book about Kamala Harris, the new Vice President, who is the first female, first black Vice President of America. The book tells her life story up to the time, just before she was chosen to work with Joe Biden in the campaign to be President.

I have posted the tasks that I would like you to do, before and after listening to the book. Read the sheet through, thoroughly before you listen and remember that you can go back to the clip as many times as you need to.

Once yo have answered the questions as fully as possible, please email them to me at


Don't worry if you can't answer every question. They are meant to help you think about the messages in the book and give you some ideas that you can use in discussions.

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