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Our English lesson will be a live lesson on Teams. 


If you are not able to join us then please do the activity attached. 


You will need: 

  • a thinking page to jot down your ideas
  • the sheet attached to do your writing on or a piece of paper  
  • pencil



First choose two items from Sunny's lunchbox.

Next think about of adjectives to describe two items of food Sunny eats e.g. sweet, juicy, creamy...

Write  your two adjectives on your thinking side.  

After that think of some powerful verbs to describe the way Sunny ate the food e.g. nibbled, munched, crunched......

Finally write two sentences. e.g. Sunny nibbled on the sweet strawberries. He crunched on the juicy apple.    

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We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30