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Focus charity of the year

Each year, the school focuses on a particular charity so that our children can gain a deeper understanding of the work of the charity and the people who benefit from it.  


In 2017-2018 we raised money once again for Mary's Meals, a charity which provides a meal for primary school children attending school in a number of countries across the world.  Astonishingly, it costs just £13.90 to feed a child for an entire year: the food is prepared by volunteers from within the local communities and, for many of the children, it will be their main meal of the day.  The charity's work means that children benefit doubly by receiving a substantial, nourishing meal each day and also by receiving an education.


Our pupils are always motivated by the opportunity to raise funds on behalf of other children and frequently do additional fund-raising at home.  


A report on the way in which the money raised by the school is used can be found below.

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