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Today we are going to try and write a shape poem. I've included a PowerPoint to help you understand how to write one. I've put it up in PowerPoint form - which is interactive and PDF form - which I don't think is I'm afraid. 

Once you've looked at the PowerPoint choose a shape from the templates below smiley

  • Remember to stay inside the lines of the picture, starting a new line when you get close to the edge.
  • Don’t forget to use full stops and capital letters.
  • Try to use alliteration or similes if you can.
  • This will make your shape poem more exciting and descriptive.


Today we are looking at subtracting in the same way as we were adding yesterday.

Circle the number you are starting with but this time jump backwards, not forwards.

The second sheet is harder than the first. Give it a go if you can smileyyes


Here are some Easter egg colouring sheets and a design your own Easter egg sheet. 

I would love to see your designs, if mummy or daddy email them through I can put them on our new class gallery page laugh

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