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I really liked the idea of making a potion or inventing our own magic potion. So today I've included a magic potion science experiment that you could try at home. If the weather's nice and you have a garden it might be better to do it outside! 

I've also included a sheet so that you can make up your own magic potions. I'd love to see what you come up with smiley


We are going to continue to practice adding and subtracting 10. Today you need to help the juggler colour in his balls. Use the question sheet to answer the problems, then find the ball with that number on it and colour it in just like the question sheet says to!

E.g. Orange 23 + 10 = 33          Then find the ball with 33 on it and colour it orange      smileyyes


Instead of a Minute Maths for today I've added a colouring sheet to help us with our 10 times tables. 

Just for Fun

I saw these activities and thought they'd be great for a Friday afternoon.

The first one is to create your own ring toss game with paper plates and kitchen roll tubes. I love the fact you can score different points on the example in the second picture. 

The second idea is to create a flight school. Cut out different sized holes in a piece of cardboard. Then make a paper aeroplane and try and fly it through the holes laugh


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