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Today, we looking at subtracting with multiple exchanges.

English - Writing

Please publish your work. Remember you are writing out your work the best you can.

Please read each sentence before you copy it as there may be small errors. Please check for spellings and missing punctuation.


I look forward to seeing the finished result. 



English - Reading

Predicting Skills

Remember when predicting, we are using the clues from the text to help us form the prediction. Our answers need to fit with what is happening and not guesses. 


  • Predict what will happen to Chulak.

English - Grammar

Today's activity is to recognise apostrophes and this is something that many people get confused by. When reading today, please pause when there is an apostrophe. Please think to your self 'Why has the author used this apostrophe?'. Seeing and understand their usage, will help you to use them correctly. 



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