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Mrs Grinling makes Mr Grinling such a delicious lunch but I think you could write a better description of it. Your task today is to design your own lunch, can you draw a picture of it and colour it in? Once you have done that, can you write a description of all your yummy foods? Remember to use adjectives to help you describe. E.g. Instead of 'an iced bun' you could say, 'a delicious sticky iced bun'. This will help to paint a much better picture in your readers head smiley

Here are the pages which describe Mr Grinling's lunch to remind you...


We are going to carry on looking at 3D shapes. Today we are going to look at describing them like we did with the 2D shapes. Remember we use different vocabulary when we are describing 3D shapes. Instead of using sides and corners, we talk about edges, vertices and faces. I've included two video clips and created a 3D shape vocabulary sheet to help you to understand. 


I've included two tasks today. One is to fill in the table to show that you really understand what the different words mean.

The second sheet is a cut and stick. You cut out the top sections (It looks like...) along the dotted line, but leave the bottom piece whole. You then stick the top 'It looks like...' pieces like a flap over the top of the correct information. Don't forget to fill in the information about the shape.

Who is going to challenge themselves and do both sheets? laugh


Finally, there is a true and false quiz where you can check how well you remembered all the vocabulary yes


I hope you are all doing lots of reading at home. I know Florence has really enjoyed looking at the books on Audible. Remember it's free at the moment! Here are two reading comprehensions, please only choose one to do, I just wanted to put two different levels on here. So there is an easier one, or one that is more challenging laughyes

Don't look at the answers until you're finished!! 

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