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Today are questions to help you to practice the skill of multiplying a two digit number by a one-digit number. Next week we will learn to multiply a three digit number and focus on the 12 times table facts.

Spelling/ Grammar

Today we are looking at using a possessive apostrophe for plurals.

English - Writing

Please write the opening to your story. Try to remember you are going describing the setting in this paragraph. Please use your expanded noun phrases to guide you. 

Here is the start of my story. Remember that what you write is only a first draft. Just imagine being in your setting and moving around it. 


The sun dazzled in the sky above the possum’s nest. They had built their nest in the hollow of an ancient eucalyptus tree next to a forgotten, narrow track. Half hanging out of the possums’ welcoming nest was Susie. She looked at the small twigs that were woven together which made the family’s nest. She wondered how the mixture of twigs and leaves could keep her warm and safe. The whole nest looked untidy, but there was everything they needed.  Below the nest, Susie gazed at the sandy,dry grass, which was desperately in need of water,  and wished she had more energy to play with her siblings. 


English - Reading 

Please use your explaining skills. You may need to re-read a section of the book.


  • What does Philip Pullman make you think might happen, by having Hamlet trumpet?
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