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Topic Launch Day

A historic day today, as I ask you to don your investigating and fact finding brains and take a trip 1000's of years back to the Stone Age, our topic for this term.

The tasks you are about to undertake will give you a really good introduction to the Stone Age.

The power point below, gives you instructions for the tasks I would like you to do over the next couple of days.  You might choose to stretch these tasks into the weekend.


We are continuing with new learning today and we move onto column subtraction. It is like column addition, expect we are taking away rather than adding. Like column addition we line the numbers up in 100' 10's and 1' s but we put the largest value number on top of the small value number. So 608 would go above 402. We then work from each column,  right to left subtracting the smaller number from the larger number. 


Below are the words you were learning this week from the statutory spelling list.

Your task is to write a sentence that includes 1 of the words in each sentence. So, 10 sentences, with one of the spelling words in each.

I imagine you can write some great sentences. 

Accident, peculiar, possession, calendar, promise, recent, regular, height, height, imagine


So last week I asked you to draw Flat Stanley in colour.

Your challenge this week, is to use your art and design skills to create a recycled model of Flat Stanley. Use items that you find in the recycling or that can be reused, Think flattened cardboard boxes for a body. Maybe someone has some an old jumper clothes or fabrics they can give you to use for his clothes or hair?   

Do the adults in your house have paints they can let you use to add colour?

The extra challenge is to include items on your model that in some way represent him or the story..... like Stanley as a kite or as a postcard.  Or you might want to show Stanley doing something round the house; like sliding under doors or sunbathing, or sitting with you at lunch, perhaps reading or maybe helping in the garden......

Don't forget to send in pictures of your Stanley model.

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