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Today I thought you might like a lovely book to read called The Cautious Caterpillar . 

If you can read it independently then do but if it is tricky, read the words you can and ask your parents to read the rest to you.



The book is on a PowerPoint as I couldn't get an Ebook version of it to upload. 

Tell your child/ren the title of the story (The Cautious Caterpillar).


Some examples of questions you could ask.

Questions before reading:

What does the word cautious mean?

What might the story be about?

Predict what might happen? 


During reading: 

Discuss any unusual language you might encounter. 

Think about what might happen next.

Ask questions to do with inference e.g. How was Cody feeling on this page? How do you know? What word tells us Cody was feeling worried?

What word would you use to descibe the ladybird? Bee?

What is nectar? Where do bees get if from?  


Questions after reading: 

What happened in the story? 

What happened first, next...… 

What was your favourite part? Why? 

Was there anything you didn't like? Why? 


Choose a follow up activity: 

Draw your favourite part of the story and say why you like it. 

Complete the think, say, feel sheet (below).

Act out the story with you family.

Write sentences using adjectives and the connective 'and' about an  illustration from the book (below).   


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