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There are lots of Lighthouse Keeper's stories about different meal times. We are going to have a go at writing our own versions! There are lots of different things you could choose from like; The Lighthouse Keeper's Dinner, The Lighthouse Keeper's BBQ, The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic? I'm sure you will have lots of ideas of your own. 

Your activity today is to decide what you are going to write your story about and then try and fill out the story mountain to plan out what's going to be in your story. 

Remember stories normally have a beginning, did you notice how all of the Lighthouse Keeper's stories we have looked at started? A middle, where there is a problem. Then an end where that problem is solved. 

I'm really excited to see your ideas laugh


Today we are going to look at subtracting 2 digit numbers. Remember to use stuff from around your house to help you if you need to or draw the base 10 that you need and cross them out when you take away. In class we would be using base 10 to help us so it's okay to use objects at home to help you smiley


Subtract 2-digit numbers

Friday Afternoon Fun

Can you find all the shells in the picture? How many can you find? Then you can colour it in smiley I'd love to see your pictures when they're done yes


How did you get on learning Old McDonald using Makaton? Here is a video showing how you sign for some other animals. Can you add these to the song? 

Makaton - FARM ANIMALS - Singing Hands

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We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30