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Today, continue writing the last 4 instructions for your disgusting sandwich. 


Remember to use your story map to help you.  


Say your sentence aloud to check it makes sense. 


Make sure you include a number and start your sentence with a time connective (first, next, then, after that, finally.....) 


Sound out words as much as you can. 


Once you have finshed all your writing - read through you work. 


Have you included: 

  • numbers for each instruction 
  • started with a time connective 
  • used 'and' in a sentece 
  • started with a capital letter 
  •  ended with a full stop 
  • included an adjective to describe your minibeast  


If you haven't included all of these then use a different coloured pen to edit your work.  



The children are used to editing their work. Please read through the list above and ask them to check to make sure they have included all of the things instructions need. 

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