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So today is the last day of Term 4. You've done such a brilliant job working from home. I'm very proud of all of you and have been so impressed with the work that I've seen. Have a lovely break next week and I'll look forward to seeing more of your work next term laughyes


You might still be finishing your story today but if you have finished it, and edited it (see Thursday), today you can publish it smiley Can you write your story up in neat? Remember to copy up the edited version, not the original! Try to use your neat  joined handwriting and leave room for pictures yes I would love to see what you've produced laugh


We are going to practice using our 2 times table today. Before you start make sure you've got something you can use as counters. Then watch the video, do the worksheet and remember no peeking at the answers until you are done smileyyes

The 2 times-table

Just For Fun

Can you build a fort? You could use blankets, sheets, pillows and anything else you might need to build the best fort ever! Remember to put it all back when you've finished with it laughyes

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