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Today you will finish writing your character description for your ladybird. 


Things to remember:

  • you must start each sentence with he, him, she, her 
  • use your ladybird plan 
  • spell this weeks spellings correctly 
  • your last sentence needs to finish with a sentence which tells more about your ladybirds personality. 


Once you have finished: 

  • read through your work
  • check that you have used capital letters and full stops
  • Underline your ladybirds name
  • underline 'and' to show you have used a conjunction 
  • underline your adjectives 
  • underline key spellings 

I have included a copy of my writing so that you can see how I added to it. You will also see how I underlined adjectives, spellings and the conjunction 'and. I used different coloured pencils to show mine. 


If you have spelt any of the key spelling words incorrectly or you forgot to use capital letters/full stops then add them with a different coloured pencil. Don't rub them out - edit them instead 👍. 


If you forgot to use an adjective in a sentence then rewrite it and include one. Do this at the bottom of your page and with a different coloured pencil so that I can see you have edited your work. 


I would love to see your character descriptions 😊



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