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Multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8


So, you have written your draft thank you letter. Your task today is to edit and improve your letter. 

Use the checklist that you  used yesterday to help you  make sure you have included all the features of a formal letter in your letter.

Ask your helper to read through your letter with you and check the spelling and punctuation. You can also use a dictionary to check any spelling of words you are unsure of. You can then correct these.

As you read through think of other improvements you might make to your letter and make these changes.

Then you are ready to write a final draft. Make sure your letter is written in three paragraphs like the draft you used and that you  take your time and use your best handwriting to make it really neat and lovely.



This week you have been learning 10 of our year 3 words. Your task today is to see how well you have learnt them. You are going to ask a helper to rea them out to you (without showing you them) and you are to try and spell them. You can then check to see how many you spelt correctly. Good luck!  

For any that you got wrong. practice learning them by writing each one out three times.

Carrie's War

Over the holiday  I would like you to find the time to sit back and just enjoy listening to chapters 4, 5 and 6.

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