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Good Morning Beech Class


Welcome to Friday; the end of another busy and productive week. Fingers crossed we are free of technical glitches and mistakes today. We are rounding off our work on coordinates and transformations today. Remember, when we are back together, we will go over everything that we have done, again so don't worry if there is anything that you are not sure about.


You will all be at different stages with your persuasive text. That does not matter. Just make sure that you follow the stages in order and then send me your final draft, whenever you complete it.. I am still really pleased to be receiving your stories from before half term.


If you have completed all of the tasks for this week, I have a research project for you. You need to investigate The Parthenon Marbles. Find out as much as you can and make sure that you make notes to remember the key pieces of information.

In particular:

  • Where are they from?
  • Where are they now?
  • Why are they sometimes called The Elgin Marbles?

Each question will lead you to information wider than just the answer so make sure that you jot down your findings.


Can you find three facts about them?

Can you find three opinions about them? (The opinions do not have to be your own.)


This video clip might be a good starting off point for your investigation.




Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and kind.


Mrs Kerrigan

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