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Today your task is to continue with the draft of your writing for the generation lockdown competition. You might be at a stage where you have more writing to do. Or maybe you want to rewrite your draft to try and improve it.   


You have been learning 10 of our year three words this week. Ask someone at home to test you with them, to see if you have managed to learn them. Any that you do not get write, have a go at looking at them,covering and writing the word three times.

Good luck!  

Carrie's War, Chapter 7, Using Similies 

Re-listen to chapter 7. In this chapter there are several examples of similes used in this episode - for example, when Carrie and Albert find Mrs Gotbed’s jewels and they are described like ‘bright eyes’ winking up. Ask pupils to listen again and write down some examples.

You could find objects in your home or perhaps family members and see if you can create similes to describe them: My drums are as loud as an explosion.  


The activities today are to allow you further practice the learning from yesterday. If you need help, you could watch the video from yesterday or watch the BBC Bitesize video.

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